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Celebrating 25 Years of Playful Learning!

In 2019, the Children’s Discovery Museum will mark 25 years of inspiring the love of learning through the power of play. The place doesn’t feel a day over 15 you say? Well, that’s partly true because it has only have been in Uptown Normal for 15 years. Before its arrival on East Beaufort Street, the museum’s journey began with a group of dedicated volunteers, donors, and dreamers who started in the former College Hills Mall and quickly relocated to a historic warehouse in Bloomington. With the help of the Town of Normal and community friends and donors, their vision grew into the Children’s Discovery Museum we know and love today.

    During its 25 years of growing and learning as a museum, the CDM staff have served almost 2.5 million visitors from Central Illinois and across the United States. That’s a lot of playful learners! The museum has also had the honor of being among the first memory-making experiences for children and their loved ones. How many young artists have posed for a photo while creating a masterpiece on our Paint Wall? How many families have snapped a selfie with Santa during Jammies & Jingles? Who has a framed photo of their little explorer crawling through the Climber?
    These memories are cherished, and the pictures are sweet. But, what you can’t see in those 25 years of photos is the most important part: inspiring the love of learning through the power of play has helped build stronger brains and better futures for those children.
    The fun children have today as they play and learn is building the architecture of their brains. In fact, the Harvard University Center on the Developing Child reported this year that in the first years of a child’s life, more than 1 million new neural connections are formed every second. The pace of that brain-building activity is based on the stimuli and the people that make up a child’s learning environment.
    “The Children’s Discovery Museum is well positioned to reach a new generation of children with vital early childhood education programs, exhibits, and field trips,” said Executive Director Beth Whisman. “We have a strong partnership with the Town of Normal that supports our award-winning building and our amazing staff. But we rely on the Children’s Discovery Museum Foundation to continue to secure funds for exhibits that make up the heart of the museum, as well as scholarships. That’s where donations and planned giving make a difference!”
    The Children’s Discovery Museum Foundation is a 501c3 organization whose mission it is to support the work and vision of the museum through raising funds and awareness in the community. As the museum prepares to celebrate 25 years as an early childhood education resource for the region, the foundation and its alumni are planning special events and fundraising goals to honor the past and look to the future.
    “We look forward to celebrating our history and the special people who took this dream and worked hard to make it a reality for our entire community,” says Children’s Discovery Museum Foundation Chair Gina Mandros. “Visionary people and donors such as Shari Buckellew, Herb Eaton, and Cheryl Denslow built a strong foundation for our mission. The Town’s support over the last 15 years, along with many past and current board members, has elevated the museum to serve as a regional influence for early childhood education.”
    The museum and its foundation will share more details as plans take shape in 2019. Look for updates about 25th anniversary events in the museum’s newsletter and on ChildrensDiscoveryMuseum.net, the museum’s Facebook page, and Twitter (@DiscoveryMuseum).


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