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Wishing You A Magical Holiday Season A Harry Potter Gift Guide

0 years ago, children across the country were introduced to a magical world where a seemingly ordinary boy, mistreated and underappreciated by his family, would find out he is so much more and start the adventure of a lifetime. I first read Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone when I was in middle school and was hooked immediately. I can still remember the wonderful feeling of finishing a book in the series, followed by the anxious anticipation of finding out when the next book would be released. Attending a midnight book release party at the bookstore, dressed as Hermione Granger, with everyone in town was a rite of passage during my childhood. Harry Potter teaches children and adults alike the importance of friendship, staying true to oneself, asking for help, standing up for what is right, and that everyone has the potential to be extraordinary. Through the books, movies, merchandise, and more, new generations are falling in love with the magical world of Harry Potter.

In celebration of Harry Potter’s 20th anniversary, the franchise has released new and exciting toys and merchandise that will delight Harry Potter fans old and new. This gift-giving season, make your Harry Potter fan’s holiday extra magical with products approved by Warner Bros. and the author herself, J.K. Rowling.
Light Painting Wands (ages 8–teen)

me your favorite witch or wizard with Light Painting Wands. Choose from replica wands modeled after Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, and Newt Scamander. Use the wand’s bright LED tip to recreate moments from the Harry Potter movies, cast spells, draw your own Patronus, and more! Each wand comes with a free download of a Gold Medal winning app for IOS or Android. Use the app to view the art you’ve created with each swish and flick of your Light Painting Wand.

Golden Snitch Heliball (ages 8+)

Bring your favorite Harry Potter game of Quidditch to life with the Golden Snitch Heliball. Just like Harry, you can be a Quidditch seeker and chase the Golden Snitch thanks to its sensor technology. The Golden Snitch Heliball can sense objects around it and will fly in random directions. Catch the Golden Snitch and win the game! Maybe you’ll even make it to the Quidditch World Cup!

Codenames: Harry Potter (ages 11+)
Codenames: Harry Potter is an easy-to-learn cooperative word and picture deduction game for two or more players based on the award-winning game Codenames. Harry Potter fans of all game levels will love using one-word clues to help locate secret agents. Be careful not to run into Death Eaters, or it could cost you the win!

Trivial Pursuit: World of Harry Potter (ages 8+)
Harry Potter fans, test your knowledge with 1,800 trivia questions about all eight Harry Potter movies in Trivial Pursuit: World of Harry Potter. Categories include Slytherin House, Death Eaters, and the Dark Arts; Objects and Artifacts; Animals, Magical Creatures, and Magical Beings; Witches, Wizards, Ghosts, and Muggles; Hogwarts, Other Location, and Transportation; and Spells, Potions, and Other Magic.

Magic: Gold Edition (ages 8+)

Does your Harry Potter fan have an interest in magic? Magic: Gold Edition is the perfect gift for a young witch or wizard wanting to hone their magic skills. Comes with props, a 96-page guide, and access to online videos showing how to perform 150 magic tricks.

To learn more about the purpose of play and how toys, games, books, and crafts can help children develop and grow, visit the Gingerbread House Toy Store at 915 E. Washington St. in Bloomington, or call 309-827-8811. Kate Greene, owner, and the experienced staff will answer your questions and help you choose fun items to nurture the kids in your life.


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