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New Exhibit, Fall Fun Ahead!

As the weather turns cooler, the Children’s Discovery Museum becomes the destination for indoor fun and activities. This fall there will be a brand-new exhibit to explore. The second-floor ImagineAir exhibit is set to re-open Friday, November 23.

ImagineAir will introduce kids to concepts related to wind energy, aerodynamics, and fluid dynamics — a good fit, says Executive Director Beth Whisman, for a community surrounded by wind farms. The hands-on exhibit will have a wind-turbine building station, a sink-or-float experience, a “force wall” with an air cannon, and an altered version of the existing air maze, among other features.


“We can’t see air, but our exhibit is designed to show this force of nature at work,” Whisman said. “It will help children understand the world around them. That’s what a children’s museum is all about.”


The bulk of ImagineAir’s $127,500 price tag is being funded by a long-delayed state grant. The rest is covered by private donors to the Museum’s foundation, including EDP Renewables.

A bigger way to say “thank you!”

The Museum is also expanding its 4th annual Member Appreciation Day into an entire weekend. Thursday, Nov. 15 through Sunday, Nov. 18, PLUS and grandparent memberships will be discounted by $20. Members will also receive 20 percent off purchases in the Museum Store.


Museum Members receive free admission each visit, discounts on programs, classes, and special events. PLUS and grandparent members receive the added benefit of bringing one free guest each visit and free or half-price admission to more than 500 museums across the country. Visit ChildrensDiscoveryMuseum.net for more details.

Learning, fun for all

The Children’s Discovery Museum is dedicated to ensuring all children in our community can grow and learn through play. In September the Museum launched Museums for All, part of a national initiative to ensure children in every community can benefit from what the Museum offers.


“We see the power of play in our museum every day, but we know there are areas of our community where we can improve our outreach for early childhood development programs,” said Executive Director Beth Whisman. “Hands-on play and early childhood education are helping build the foundation for all later learning, behavior, and health.”


Illinois families that qualify for nutrition assistance and are in possession of an EBT card (LINK, SNAP, WiC) can become a CDM Museums for All passholder. To sign-up, families simply present their benefit card with a valid form of identification to receive their annual discount card. Their Museums for All Pass can be presented for $3 admission and discounts on education programming such as camps, classes, and family night events.

To learn more about the Children’s Discovery Museum’s efforts to reach all families, new exhibits and programming visit ChildrensDiscoveryMuseum.net.





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