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Take Youth Fitness “to the Max” This September

Looking for ways to take your family fitness activities to the next level this fall? You’re in luck! James Wayne, Assistant Director of Business and Recreation Operations with Town of Normal has a special announcement for area youth and families. “In our inaugural event this coming September 15th, we are thrilled to host a 2K Obstacle Challenge, complete with approximately 15 obstacles for youth ages 6 to 14,” shares Wayne. “We will have four heats, with the last one to include families. We invite adults to participate alongside their child.” The impressive lineup promises a day of physical and mental challenges to push participants…to the max!

“The event is sponsored in part by Mid-Illini Credit Union. Together, with Town of Normal Parks and Rec department, we are anxious to offer this event within our community, as there are currently no other events of this type specifically for youth in our area,” states Wayne.

1.25 Miles of Fun
“To the Max” Obstacle Challenge will be held amidst the beautiful, natural terrain of Maxwell Park in Normal, Illinois. The first three of four heats will be competitive by age group, with trophies awarded to the top three in each. The final heat is non-competitive and open to families. The venue offers a large spectator area. Friends and family members are encouraged to observe and cheer from outside the course lines.


Below are a few obstacles in store to get you excited and amped up!

• “Foam Frenzy” the starting line in which all participants will swim through the foam pit toward the start line.
• “Rubber Rush” a 4x6 tire challenge.
• “Deep Creep” the crawl-through tunnel.


“Our chief objective is to offer a unique and challenging obstacle course to youth and families that is local. Safety is our priority, as well as fun! Some obstacles will be challenging, while others may be less so. We’ve matched skill levels to the age groups so that we may create a competitive race that is also enjoyable,” states Wayne.


Registration is available now via www.normalparks.org/1402/To-the-Max-2K-Obstacle-Challenge. The $20 registration fee includes a t-shirt and participation medal. A price increase to $30 will occur on August 24.

Race Times
Check In: 9:00–11:15am
10:00am / 12–14 years old / competitive
10:30am / 10–11 years old / competitive
11:00am / 8–9 years old / competitive
11:30am / 6+ years old, including families / OPEN
Register now to enroll your youth in the debut obstacle course event of the year! There will be running, jumping, and climbing. Wear comfortable clothing and athletic shoes so you may do your best to take your fitness challenge “To the Max.”



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