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Rockstar AVS Shines With Generous Gift

When students at Parkside Elementary School in Normal, Illinois return for the beginning of the 2018 to 2019 school year, they may notice something new: an upgraded security/surveillance system. The system is a gift to the school from Rockstar Audio Video & Integrated Security (AVS), a Normal, Illinois business offering its customers advanced audio, video, and integrated security systems.

For Rockstar AVS owner Robert Brown, it’s an opportunity to use his expertise and business resources to help keep kids safe. “Kids are innocent,” Brown says, “They are the best thing in the world, and that’s what we are trying to do: help to protect them from the craziness going on. The best security is for people to respect and value life, or at least the lives of others, and not commit the horrific things we see these days.” 


Brown added, “This system will be a useful tool for other needs, too. We want to set the bar on how surveillance should be done, as well as set a good example to other local businesses that have the means to help others.”


The new system, valued at “well into five figures” according to Brown, is part of “just helping out the community.” It will allow school officials to monitor what is going on both inside and outside the building utilizing high-definition cameras, better coverage of both inside and outside spaces, and night vision allowing anyone monitoring the video feed to see up to 100 yards into the dark using infrared technology.


“The high-definition cameras will be an improvement over the present system,” Brown says. “The present system is a good one, but technology has advanced immensely since it was installed. These new cameras offer sharper images, provide all types of data, and identify individuals more accurately, as needed.”


“We will have cameras all over the school,” Brown says. “This system is used as a tool to monitor what’s going on inside and outside the school, not necessarily to ‘watch’ the kids, but to protect them.”


The system is not merely surveillance; it can be integrated with security alarm systems which can notify police, fire, and emergency response teams in the event of an emergency. It can also be connected to locks on school doors, allowing a lock-down should surveillance show the need for one.


This is not the first time Rockstar AVS has donated an entire surveillance/security system, nor is it the first time they have worked with schools to upgrade surveillance/security systems. “Normally we offer a 20-percent discount off our regular prices to all schools, or other facilities working with children,” Brown says.


Brown expects his team to install the system at Parkside sometime during summer break, while students are on vacation. “It will be fully operational by the beginning of the next school year,” he says.


For a consultation regarding your home security needs, contact Robert and his team at Rockstar Audio Video & Integrated Security by calling 309-268-0640 or visiting rockstaravs.com.




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