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Water, Water Everywhere!

Summer is upon us and I’m always looking for fun ways to cool off. As a kid, I think I spent most of my summers with a damp bathing suit and wrinkly fingers either from the pool or playing in the sprinkler or water balloon fights or playing in a puddle. It’s bliss to get out there and splash around when the weather is just right!

Fun summer ideas to cool off:

In the creek or lake
    Young marine biologists may not sound like something you’d encounter in Central Illinois, but that’s exactly what you’ll find when you take a child to a natural body of water and let them start exploring. The creek at Imagination Grove at Sugar Grove Nature Center is a great example. Kids can climb around on the rocks, build dams with logs, and hunt for little creatures in the water. You’ll be amazed at what they find! Crawfish, turtles, and frogs can be spotted in the area, as well as a whole host of insect life. Bring a net and a plastic habitat so that your little scientist can study any critters they catch (and release!). Water shoes are helpful here because of the rocky creek bed, as is a towel and change of clothes for the ride home. It’s a fantastic way to cool off in a beautiful natural setting, all while learning about the wildlife in the area.
In the pool
    While I love the adventure of playing in the creek, I also love, love, love lounging on a float on the water, perhaps with a fancy beverage in hand. The last few years has seen an explosion of fun and funky pool floats and toys on the market. While I might be content floating along all day on the back of a unicorn, I’m pretty sure the rest of my family is looking for some more active play. Some water-friendly balls to throw around are a must have for the swim bag. You never know when you’ll need them for a friendly game of Keep Away. In the summer, I even keep a spare swim bag in the car stocked with pool toys, goggles, suits, sunscreen, and towels, just for that last minute pool invitation that comes along.

In the backyard
    Some days are just home days, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t have some great water-based fun this summer! What about Water Balloon Olympics? With the rapid fill water balloons on the market now, it’s easy to get a big bunch together for a water balloon toss or hot potato. Chalk targets on the driveway or deck — who has the best aim and who can get the most bullseyes? If you’re feeling really daring, fill a few balloons with paint and explode them on canvases or an old sheet. It’s an art project that they’ll always remember (but be sure to dress for mess for that one)!

In the bath
    As much as I’d like to believe that every summer day will be perfect for outside water time, the truth is that some days are gray and some days are chilly and some days are both. That’s the perfect day to enjoy the wonderful world of water right in your own bathtub. For bigger kids, bath bombs can hold fun toy surprises and can make bath time seem like a fun luxury. For little ones, bath time is a great way to wrap up the day with a little bit of playtime and a whole lot of relaxation. Some great bath toys and a cozy towel to snuggle up in after are the perfect mix to end a fun summer day.

    To learn more about the purpose of play and how toys, games, books, and crafts can help children develop and grow, visit the Gingerbread House Toy Store at 603 S. Hannah Street in Bloomington, or call 309-827-8811. Kate Green, owner, and the experienced staff will answer your questions and help you choose fun items to nurture the kids in your life.



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