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Kid-Powered Designs Drive Annual Pushcart Derby June 9

The Children’s Discovery Museum’s second annual Pushcart Derby is going to be live and full speed in Uptown Normal when this year’s event takes place on Saturday, June 9 near the former Amtrak station. The museum will team up with Illinois State University’s Center for Mathematics, Science, and Technology to host this annual fundraising event that has already stirred creative energy and inspired teamwork.

“The inaugural event was a big success,” said Rachel Carpenter, the Museum Education Manager. “The kids loved working together to build their pushcarts and the race was exciting. You could see their designs and ideas play out as the kids pushed their carts across the finish line.”


The day of the event will begin with a workshop for the teams of youths participating in the event. The workshop will be led by both Illinois State University and Children’s Discovery Museum educators. The teams will then use their time to research, design, and construct the body for their pushcart using the STEAM principles of science, technology, engineering, art, and math. They will use these skills to create unique carts that are both durable and fast enough to go the distance. Once the carts are completed, the teams will test their designs and strength with a race to the finish on a special road course.


The reigning team for speed is the Daring Derby Darlings. In 2017, they constructed a girl power-themed pushcart that was decorated with inspirational quotes from female scientists, athletes, and leaders.


Not only will the participants have a fun time working together and seeing how STEAM principles can create amazing things, there is also a competition aspect to this day. There will be prizes awarded to recognize best use of STEAM principles, teamwork, and speed.


Construction supplies for the pushcarts will be provided to teams that consist of 7 to 10 children who are attending third through eighth grades. All those participating in the Pushcart Derby event will need to bring his or her love of learning and plenty of muscle power. This event is not just for children. There is also the opportunity for parents to participate and work alongside their child by joining their “pit crew.”


The proceeds from this fundraising event will support the Museum’s mission of “inspiring the love of learning through the power of play.” Funds will enable the expansion of education programs, the creation of exhibits, outreach initiatives, and scholarships for disadvantaged youth.

To register your child to participate in the Pushcart Derby visit childrensdiscoverymuseum.net. For more information about sponsoring this event or volunteering, please contact Amy Pitzer at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.



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