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Spring Break Travel Tips

Welcome, spring! The month of March brings an increase of activity in my household. From kids sporting events to social outings and the last week of the month being Spring Break followed by the Easter holiday, we have a lot of windshield time ahead of us. That’s a lot of togetherness! While I cherish every moment, I have learned that these survival tips help us make the most of our time together so we arrive at our destination in harmony.

Pack healthy snacks: Whether you are running around town shuttling from one event to another, hitting the highway for a long-distance haul, or heading to the airport for a resort destination, you will need fuel to keep up the pace. Vending machines and gas stations offer items that are high on sugar and sodium and low on nutrition. Instead, pack a water bottle and try these staples: toss string cheese in a small cooler, add grapes in snack bags, apples and portable nut-butter dips, carrots and salad tomatoes, or any other fruit and vegetable your family will eat. You can also make a custom snack-mix “see Magical Mix,” and store it in snack-size baggies. Distribute whenever you recognize signs from your road-weary crew. Your travelers will go from frowns to smiles in seconds.

Plan for regular breaks: The hustle and bustle of travel can be a stressful time for anyone. Long hours in a car or airplane and cramped quarters for either mode of travel call for frequent stretching, bathroom, and drink breaks. Try to establish and adhere to a schedule — especially for meals. Remember to be patient for those who may need longer breaks than others.

Pack fun for all ages: Today’s kids are completely consumed by electronic devices, as smartphones, gaming devices, and tablets seem to be their go-to for entertainment. Consider packing materials and activities to encourage engagement between your entire troop. Flip-guides with question prompts can lead to interesting dialogue with your captive audience. Or, try quiz and trivia books — especially those geared toward your children’s age group. Whacky fact-books are also a family favorite. Your kids and spouse may surprise you with their answers!    

Travel light: One thing I’ve learned in the two decades of packing for my family’s travel is that we tend to want to pack too much! This means extra weight in the suitcase, more bags to handle, and more things that could potentially be left behind when packing to return home. Instead, pack for the number of days you will be traveling, plus one back-up outfit. Plan to wear pajamas for at least two nights.

Leave the full-size bottles of shampoo at home and use the hotel brand. Make a rule to take only the shoes you are wearing and one other pair. These small changes help you lighten your load and can lead to less stress and potentially less money at the airport.

Wherever you may be headed this spring, remember to enjoy your family time together. Your travelers will remember the memories you create together and will likely soon forget that you asked them to wear the same t-shirt twice throughout the week. Have fun and enjoy your togetherness!
Leta Gail Doerr is a Personal Vacation Advisor with Magical Vacation Planner, an authorized Disney Travel Agency. Contact Leta Gail via 309-824-6921, and Facebook.com/LetaGailMVP for  expert, free travel planning assistance for all of your vacation needs. Leta Gail specializes in Disney Cruise Line, Walt Disney World Resort, Disneyland, Aulani, Adventures by Disney, Universal Studios Orlando, and Royal Caribbean International.



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