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Kate’s Top Toy Picks

Winter is a wonderful time of year. The sun might be in short supply, but that just means more time to snuggle in, drink cocoa, and warm ourselves from the inside out. Hygge is a Danish word that encompasses a feeling of warm coziness at home, calm serenity, and appreciation for the small things. Home is our refuge from the hectic world outside and is our place to reconnect and recharge. For our children, it’s the place to play and feel loved and build lasting memories of togetherness. The challenge is coming up with super simple activities that we can do with our kids that foster that feeling of love and warmth. Here are a few ideas to start!

Get creative
Long hours inside are great for all kinds of projects, from art, to science, to crafting. Baking soda volcanoes are a classic, as are old-fashioned projects like weaving potholders. A few stashed craft kits are fantastic to have around and can result in customized jewelry or toys that will have staying power long after the work is done. Are your kids more interested in planet gazing than painting? Early evenings are great for bundling up and going outside to stargaze. All you need are your eyes and your imagination, but a telescope and an app like Star Walk will help answer all the questions your little astronomer might come up with.

Get coloring
Clear off the dining room table, get out the art supplies and color! Getting tweens out of their rooms and off screens can be a challenge, but coloring with cool pens is such a fun trend that it might be the thing to do it. Pens that smell great, color change, or shimmer and shine make this activity sophisticated and grown up. Coloring books that feature whatever they’re into help keep them engaged. Sit down with them and color, too, and let the conversation begin. That brain break might be just the thing to get them talking after a rough day.

Get playing
Board games are a terrific way to spend time together as a family. All kinds of games are great, but cooperative ones where you work toward a common goal are really wonderful for building the sense of family as a team (and for kids who are still working on being gracious in winning and losing). You can sneak in a little skill building with a math based dice game, like Tenzi. Or you can boost fine motor skills with a game like Rhino Hero Super Battle. From toddlers up, there are great games for the whole family.

Do nothing
One of the best ways to get that warm and cozy feeling is to just be still. You don’t have to be in charge of planning the activities all the time. Pull out the basket of stuffed animals and puppets and let them direct the action. Let them build with blocks and Legos, join in if they ask, ooh and ah over their creations if they don’t. It’s not about coming up with the perfect list of things to do to keep everyone entertained, it’s about letting the day happen and trying to be in the moment as it does.

Give the gift of fun and learning by visiting the Gingerbread House toy store at 915 E. Washington, Ste. 3 in Bloomington. Their friendly and experienced staff will answer your questions and help you choose the perfect toys and games to keep children happy and their minds active. Check out their special holiday hours online at gingerbreadhousetoys.com or call 309-827-8811.



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