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Kate’s Top Toy Picks

Holidays are a big deal at our little outpost of the North Pole. We love the sights and sounds (and food) of the season. Our favorite thing, though, is matching up people with just the right toy for the child they love. We love to create that magic moment!
    Here are just a few of our favorite toys for this year. We picked these particular toys because they are super cool, super playable, and super fun! (We can skip telling the kids that they’re educational, if you want.)

    SpinAgain — Babies grow so fast! SpinAgain is the toy for babies who are just sitting up all the way up to toddlers. The idea of this engineering toy is similar to ring stackers of the past, but so. much. cooler! Colorful discs in various sized spin down the grooved, corkscrew pole with an action that is mesmerizing to little ones—and adults, too!

Toddlers & preschoolers
    Vroom Blox —Toddlerhood is filled with kid-created stories of heroes saving the day. Vroom Blox is a set of three blocks that transform into rescue vehicles. These vibrantly colored blocks go from Mom’s bag to the latest emergency with a quick tug near the wheels. Kids will love the smooth transforming action and easy rolling, as well as the highly detailed decorations.
    Myland series — Kid O makes new classics. Their new Myland line of interactive dollhouse components and vehicles is sturdy and perfect for little hands. As children place figures in seats, lights or sounds are triggered to enhance the play. These perfect for storytelling and will be played with daily.

As they grow (5 and up)
    Mic Guy Sing Along/Tabeoke —
If your child sings through the grocery store, a kid-friendly karaoke machine is the thing they need. Mic Guy Sing Along is perfect for younger songsters, with a cheerful face on the built in mic. Several songs are pre-installed, plus access to more through Bluetooth. For older kids, the Tabeoke, with more sophisticated styling and dual mic jacks, will work with most karaoke apps to create legendary concerts in your kitchen.
    Rhino Hero: Super Battle —
Haba is known for making award winning games that are fantastically fun for the whole family to play. In Rhino Hero: Super Battle, players create a wobbly 3D tower that needs to be scaled in order to win the day! Will your animal hero have what it takes? With a 10-20 minute play time, this game, rated for ages 5+, is a terrific one to sneak in after school or before bedtime.
    Fluffables & Kawaii Squishies —
Fans of all things cute and cuddly have a lot of options this year!
    A DIY kind of kid who likes crafting would be delighted with a Fluffable. Stuff the Fluffable with fluff, add the eyes, nose, tail, and ears. Once it’s created, you can pull back your critter and watch wiggle across the table. Fun to create and a joy to play with!
    Kawaii Squishies are another adorably good bet. These super-cool toys come in a wide range of animal and object shapes, some even scented! They are squished then slowly rise back into shape. Very on-trend and a perfect gift for kids who always seem to know what’s hot.
    Ozobots — These little gizmos are a blast to play with! Ozobots are ping-pong ball sized robots that are able to be programmed in different ways. For children who like to get right to it, these are playable right out of the box. Kids will never even realize that they’re learning sophisticated skills in coding and robotics as they’re playing with these.
    There you have it, some of the best quality, best constructed, most stimulating—and most fun toys of the season. If you don’t see the perfect match here, never fear! We have Santa’s Helpers on stand-by to help find the perfect thing for your unique little person. We can’t wait to see you this holiday season at the Gingerbread House!

    Give the gift of fun and learning by visiting the Gingerbread House toy store at 915 E. Washington, Ste. 3 in Bloomington. Their friendly and experienced staff will answer your questions and help you choose the perfect toys and games to keep children happy and their minds active. Check out their special holiday hours online at gingerbreadhousetoys.com or
call 309-827-8811.


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