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Celebrating 1 Year of Nourishing The Community

If you have already visited Green Top Grocery, you may be interested to know that this

May marks the one-year anniversary of the ribbon-cutting ceremony held May 5, 2017.

A milestone more than six years in the making, the staff and member/owners of Green

Top Grocery have much to celebrate!|

Green Top experienced a significant year as they embodied their motto of “Eat well. Do good.” We caught up with Rainie Themer, Marketing Manager for Green Top as she reflects on a successful first year and forecasts an exciting year of growth ahead.
New to Green Top Grocery? Here is what you need to know.|

Green Top is a 10,000 square foot co-op (an organization owned and financed by the community) nestled within a new shopping district known as The Foundry on East Washington St. in Bloomington. Green Top Grocery specializes in sourcing fresh and local products along with a wide range of items available in general grocery stores.

Green Top is a one-stop grocery store, a lunch and dinner spot, an educational outlet, and a place to socialize with friends. Green Top strives to make our community a great place to shop, dine, and live.

Pastelle: Congratulations on your upcoming anniversary! What would you consider the major successes to share with our readers?

Rainie: Great question. There’s so much to share! We are thrilled by the warm welcome from the community and our ability to develop many great relationships. We are excited to share that since opening we have achieved…

• A milestone of $1 million in sales in November, 2017
• Provided nearly $10,000 to the community via charitable donations
• Offered 27 community education courses
• Established community and business partnerships, such as our relationship with Four Seasons Health Club
• More than doubled the number of local producers whose products we carry, from 33 to 69
• Received a LINK match grant to benefit our lower-income patrons
Pastelle: Green Top Grocery is far more than a grocery store. Can you tell us more about what is beyond the grocery aisles?

Rainie: Love to! One such example is the classes we provide in our teaching kitchen. We started offering classes in September 2017.

Several of these classes have been our Wellness Wednesday events. Wellness Wednesday is the first Wednesday of the month. We offer 10 percent off our Wellness Aisle (supplements, protein powders, hair care, make up, etc.) all day to all shoppers and offer a free wellness-related event in the evening. Offerings included Kickstart Your Family’s Wellness,  Nutrition Labels 101,  The Basics of the Anti-Inflammatory Diet, Reflexology 101, New Year New You, Intro to Prenatal Wellness, Plant-Based Diet 101, and Herbal Stress Support.

We endeavor to offer classes for a wide variety of interests. Within the last year, we also offered…
For the Green Thumb: Composting 101; Saving Back the Seasons: Farmer Tips and Tricks for Drying, Freezing, Infusing, and Canning; Basic Knife Skills; DIY Pressure Canning; and How to Fit Gardening Into Your Life.

For the Wine Enthusiast: Wine 101: Bubbles & Blancs, Wine 102: Reds and Organic Wine of Spain & Italy.

For the Kitchen Savvy: Forget the Tofurky: Vegan Thanksgiving; How to Make an Epic Holiday Cheese Plate; Tips and Tricks for Great Coffee at Home; Burgers, Shakes & Fries — Oh My (kids class); Mason Jar Salads Make and Take; DIY Yogurt; All Dried Up!
Working with Dried Veggies & Powders; and Microgreens 101.

We also offer a Finding Value at Green Top Store Tour.

Pastelle: That’s an amazing list of classes. Classes are open to the public, right? Meaning, participants are not required to be member/owners.

Rainie: So true! Everyone is welcome based upon applicable age requirements (i.e. adult beverage courses). We announce our classes via the website, on our calendar
greentopgrocery.com/events, via the newsletter and on Facebook.

We will have our Wellness Wednesday on April 4. Here are a few other offerings to note:
4/3:   Local Breakfast for Dinner
4/14: Reduce, Reuse, Recyle: How to Create a Zero Waste Lunch (ages 6 to 10 — Parents welcome, but not required)
4/19: Container Gardening
4/26: How to Make Great Pizza at Home
4/29: Think Beyond the Loaf: 3 Traditional Gluten-Free Breads

Pastelle: You mentioned charitable donations. Can you tell use more?

Rainie: At Green Top Grocery, we believe that giving back to the community in which we live and work is a vital part of our business. Since opening, we have donated $9,977 to eight different charitable organizations via our two donation programs, Round Up at the Register and Positive Change.

We also donated $1,000 to other local organizations in gift cards and in-kind donations (gift baskets, fruit donations) for fundraisers.

Pastelle: What’s sprouting at Green Top grocery as you consider 2018 and beyond?

Rainie: One of our main focuses is on sourcing from local producers. All of our top-selling items are local items. We plan to continue to build relationships with local farmers and producers. We also will be implementing a program to give incentives to purchasing local items in the near future. This program will allow our owners to earn points for each local item they purchase and then redeem the points for rewards.

We’re also planning to work towards becoming more accessible to the lower-income community. Since implementing our You Snap We Match program, our EBT (food stamp) purchases have doubled! We are working on a program that highlights low priced, healthy staples that will benefit all who are shopping on a budget.

This year, we are working towards creating more events and really striving to make Green Top Grocery a hub for the community! We have already started to increase how many teaching kitchen classes we offer and plan to continue to offer four to five classes per month. We are planning to incorporate more active samplings with our farmers, so our shoppers can taste food before they purchase it and get to know the farmer or producer who raised/grew/made their food/products! As the weather warms up, we will also focus on hosting outdoor events and working with community partners to bring more wellness and exercise related events to the co-op.
At Green Top Grocery, fresh, delicious food is just the beginning. Nourish your family. Discover local foods. Connect with others and help build a strong community. It all comes together at Green Top Grocery. Eat well. Do good. Be sure to visit their website at greentopgrocery.com to learn more.



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